CNC software is our one of high ended technology driven software which are working on USB1.1 or USB2.0
  Featyres :
  1) our software accept plt file format
  2) You can use this software in 3/4 axis CNC machine which will help you to increase your productivity
  3) our few best example are Jwellary Engraving , PCB drilling machine etc

Features :
 1) Speedy
     Logic samples each channel at up to 24M times per second. so Logic is ideal for these.
2) 8 Channels
     Logic has 8 inputs -- it can monitor 8 different digital signals at once. For many modern microcontroller-based designs, this is plenty.
3) Voltage range
       Logic accepts voltages from 0 to 5.25V

Use your PC serial port or usb Port for connecting and controlling Home / Industrial appliances  by your PC.


Use your PC serial port or usb Port for connecting and controlling stepper motors by your PC.
Feature :

  1) Use this pannel to start or stop a stepper motor using your PC/Laptop
  2) You can test instantly ur motor by using clockwise or anticlockwise commond
  3) Also provided Simulation mode
Our range of easy–to–use PC–based temperature and Water level data logging products are designed to replace costly chart recorders and complicated “plug in” data acquisition boards. Our products simply plug into a port on your desktop or laptop PC and do not require a power supply.
Features :
    1) Easy to install and use    
    2) Supplied with data logging software
   3) Low cost data acquisition systems